Our offer - Price list



STARTER PACK  200PLN 80 person- package (200 balls, marker, Co2 or HP gas, mask, gloves, coverall).

ADDITIONAL BALLS - 15 PLN - 100 pcs of additional paintball balls.

PACKAGE 400 - 110 PLN person- package for groups in which each participant in advance during the booking decides to (400 balls, marker, cylinder, Co2 or HP gas, mask, gloves, coveralls) promotional package prices valid only if the package is booked in advance for the whole group.

PACKAGE  500 - 120 PLN person - package for groups in which each participant in advance decides on (500 balls, marker, cylinder, Co2 or HP gas, mask, gloves, coverall) promotional package prices valid only with prior package reservation for the whole group.

PACKAGE  TACTICAL 800 - 190 PLN person-  package for a group of minimum 10 people includes: 800 balls/person, pyrotechnics, advanced scripts along with props, radio communication during the game and full-function carabiners for selected functional players.

Ask a question for additional information: info(AT) 


Driving quads

Quads are single-person.

Off-road quad riding with an instructor for one person

- 30 minutes - 100 PLN person/quad (quad, helmet, instruction, fuel)

Off-road quad riding with an instructor for one person

- 60 minutes -  200 PLN person/quad (quad, helmet, instruction, fuel)

Quad-driving an instructor is carrying children.

- 60 minutes - 250 PLN person/quad (quad, helmet, instructor, fuel)

Off-road quad riding with an instructor an additional hour
200 PLN / per person (quad, helmet, instruction, fuel)

Rental of clothes for quad riding - PLN 10 / piece.


The payment should be made only after receiving the booking confirmation along with the account number indicated

Fort Przygody al. Kasprowicza 104 51-145 Wrocław
title: give the name, date and time of booking

We do not serve customers with their own balls.
Promotional packages do not combine.
In the promotion, an additional 100 balls in the price of  15 PLN.
You can play paintball with any number of people
If you do not have a group you will be joined to another group.
We perform paintball games when ordering for a minimum of  800 PLN.
Exclusive to the playing field when ordering for a minimum of  2,000 PLN.
By reserving and paying in advance you have the right to take advantage of the picnic area.
We combine groups up to a maximum of 40 people on one paintball field. At the same time, we can serve up to 100 people in our 3 paintball fields.

Booking of dates

Especially for our customers we have prepared a barbecue and grilling zone consisting of a volleyball court with a ball, mini football pitch with a ball, barbecue shelter (kitchen for larger events containing cooling counters for drinks, a large 3-seat barbecue for events up to 100 people, several places of focal and barbecue for recreational time after the end of activity. Sanitary facilities: TOI cabins, washbasin with cold water.

Each place is equipped and consists of: sheds or a tent (selected for the size of the group, sheds have lighting and connection to 230 V) there is a possibility of grilling or use of a bonfire (please select when booking) is equipped with benches, tables, grill (kindling, tongs, coal up to 10 kg), place a bonfire (wood 1 m 3, kindling, sausage poles).
Fee for the use of the zone: 15 PLN / person
Additional payment for:
- bonfire from 1 m3 of wood for bonfire: 50 PLN
- an additional 1 m3 of firewood:  50 PLN
- lighting of a shed or tent from AKU: 50 PLN
- possibility of using the 230 V electrical connection and lighting of the sheds up to 5 kw:
* up to 6 hours - 150 PLN
* over 6 hours - 200 PLN
- music set: column with laptop input, SD, USB, BT - play list on their own

Booking english only by email: info(at) The order of entries will decide about saving.

In the absence of e-mail contact within 24 hours after your reservation, please contact me again by email or sms  phone number: +48 514 144 314

Our employee will check availability of dates and enter contact details into our system.
Inquiries and reservations in English - contact only e-mail: info(at)

The arrival of a smaller number of people than those reserved is tantamount to losing a deposit for persons who have not arrived (it is not exchangeable for balls).

After setting up the initial booking, we will send you a message to the e-mail address provided along with the offer. Pre-booking is valid for 72 hours and during this time the next step is to pay a deposit of at least 20-50 PLN per person to confirm the booking.
The amount of the deposit can be increased depending on the amount of the final order - applies to events with many attractions - individual calculations.
Watch out for dates in the email, reservations are automatically deleted.

Please do not make a deposit if you do not receive a written confirmation of the reservation. The payments without a written reservation will be returned to the account from which they will be reduced by the cost of performing a refund.

Final settlement at the latest after the end of the game payable in cash.
The date of deposit payment specified in the booking confirmation is the maximum date, and the payment is understood as the amount posted on our account.

After the deposit payment, please send an e-mail to: info(at) confirmation of the transfer with information about the number of people.
After booking the deposit, the reservation is paid and confirmed by e-mail.

If you do not pay the deposit within the prescribed period, the reservation will be deleted without any notice.

If the booking is confirmed and the group does not appear on the playing field within the prescribed period, the down payment is not refundable!