Adventure MOTO

A real paradise for quads and paintball.

We organize integration events, birthdays, bachelor parties events from 5-125 years based on quad driving.

QUADY - These are four-wheeled single-purpose vehicles designed to move in extremely difficult terrain. There is no obstacle that would be a problem for this vehicle. At the beginning, the participants have a short training session where they learn the basics of driving techniques and safety rules. After training depending on the option selected, there is a possibility to drive in the designated track or field - two-person group under the guidance of the instructor.

QUAD ZONE - We have ATV HONDA TRX 250 250 cm 3

In addition to quad driving in our park, we drive in mountainous terrain covering the Sowie and Suchy Mountains.

In our offer we can offer off-road vehicles - OFF ROAD - in the mountain area covering the mountains Sowie and Suchych. It is here that you can try your hand at driving a roadster, and travel companions can admire the scenery.

we have:

QUADY HONDY TRX 4x2  - Over 18 years old
QUADY HONDA TRX 4X4 - Over 18 years old
QUADY BASHAN - Over 16 years old
QUAD ELECTRIC  - Over 4-10 years old


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