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The best area for events.

We serve groups and individuals Service - English

Events, Paintball, Quad, Fun  How to get to us? Come by bus No 116 to the last station at ul. Redycka, walk about 100 m. Drive to the right at...



Whoever felt the water in his shoes, the mud on his pants, the sweetness of exhaust in his mouth, the sweat on his forehead, was not on a real field trip.

Our cars are equipped with large MT-MUD TERIAN wheels, roof racks with additional headlights, raised suspension and SNORKELE so...

Adventure MOTO

A real paradise for quads and paintball. THE GREAT AREA OF THE OLD MILITARY ZONE. We organize integration events, birthdays, bachelor parties events from 5-125 years based on quad driving. QUADY - These are four-wheeled single-purpose vehicles designed to move in extremely difficult terrain. There is no obstacle that would be a problem for this vehicle. At the...

Additional attractions in Fort

In our offer we have additional attractions complementary activities during the integration events: Several bonfires and grill, Paintball for kids, quads, paintball for adults, mobile paintball field,football and volleyball field, Spacer AA, Slack Line, Plastic Tower, minefield, Metal detector, Field games, Matches, Rope bridges, OFF ROAD, Shooter (Windbreaker,...

Recreation zone for our guests

For our clients we offer the possibility of booking a recreational area where we have: a fireplace, portable and fixed grilles, a tent, a bench, benches and tables. The cost of renting a party seat with the above service package (bonfire with wood, charcoal grill) is 10 PLN / person. Only available in advance. For groups that...



The most important security Clear thinking about yourself and others I look, watch, analyze, move to action I think to win :) I do not do sports after alcohol Those who do not report will be under the influence of alcohol or will not comply with the rules and safety rules provided...

Fort Przygody Wrocław

Fort Adventures in Wroclaw invites for birthdays and other occasions for children from 7 - no limits years of age. Extreme integration events. Company picnics. Stag and bachelorette parties.

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